African skirt was designed with no pattern.

Hi guys, well I'm finished my project! This african skirt was designed by me with no pattern. I hand drafted 3 panels to make the skirt full with a lot of gathering. My band is 3 and 1/2 inches wide. The band has a 3inch wide corset elastic in the back which is in the front band also. This makes the skirt waist adjustable. The skirt has 2 hidden pockets in the navy panel of the skirt and it has an invisible zipper in the side. I put in a 5 inch wide hem that is blind hemmed. There is a small dishiki shirt made for her son with splits on the side with a 3 inch hem. The head band with the flower is for the baby girl. Her head wrap is tied around the chest, lol.

#Africanskirt #Madeonorder #Fashion

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