2 Pieced Prom Outfit

THE WAIT IS OVER!! Here is the finished results for the 2 piece prom outfit that needed 6 inches. ! Thank you all for your input. I wanted to enlarge the 2 piece and not change the look of the design. Some of you have been contacting me, wanting to know whether I started the alterations on it. Well, it is finally finished! What I did was cut some satin from the lower part of the skirt. I had some black lace on hand that was so close that you almost couldn't tell the difference! I decided to add a gusset /godet from the waist down the sides. I done the same thing to the linning. After it was finished, i beaded each side so it looked like the original. My prom girl was so so happy when she put it on. They couldn't believe it, couldn't tell where it was done! She will post prom pictures later.

#photo #DESIGN #FASHION #prom #fitting

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